Why Mataplay?

We wanted to address the dilemmas parents of young children face

The fact is if you’re a parent and you have hard floor surfaces in your home then you require a safer and softer foundation for your children to play on. At the same time, any floor covering needs to be practical.

Are you a parent or an expecting parent or perhaps simply an adult entrusted to look after young children?

Do you have a safe space for your baby’s tummy time?

Does your floor provide a safe space for your child’s first steps??

Does your floor provide a safe and comfortable space for your child to play on as they get older???


We reviewed so many different types of baby floor mats but found the majority failed to meet the needs of parents, many even failed to meet the basic principles behind child safety.

Do you already own a play mat?

Is your play mat non-toxic and certified baby safe?

Is it waterproof and easy to keep clean?

Do you leave your playmat out permanently, without the need to assemble/dismantle or hideaway?

Does your baby mat encourage interactive play and/or offer any early learning?

Does your baby mat provide you with a fashionable design option that will compliment your home interior?


Having to continuously fold & unfold, assemble & dismantle a child’s play mat to get it out and to put it away is definitely NOT a practical solution. Who wants a giant, multi-coloured foam jigsaw as a permanent fixture on their living room floor?

Mataplay designs have been developed to meet the needs of both Parent & Child, without compromising on safety or on looks, which is why they have frequently appeared at the top of professional ‘mother & baby’ reviews globally.

They can be used on any floor surface, anywhere in your home: kitchens, playrooms, gyms, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.


They use materials that comply with the latest EU & US regulations, ensuring the mats are certified Baby Safe and Non-toxic. In fact we challenge you to find mats that are more certified!



That at least one side of the mat provides a design to compliment your home interiors and can even give the perception of a cross stitch fabric…meaning it can stay on the floor without it looking out of place!



The other side provides a design that focuses on your child, promoting sensory development, interactive play and early learning.



Both sides are robust enough to withstand every day life in a family home, yet retain the core feature of providing an ultra cushioned, comfortable surface.



They don’t slide about on the floor and the edges don’t curl over time.

Because of their size (over 2m x 1.4m) and thickness (at least ½ inch), due to their individual weight, gravity ensures they remain flat and fixed to the floor surface yet will still provide the simplicity for it to be rolled up and stored if preferred.



Both sides of the mat are Anti-Bacterial, Hypoallergenic and Waterproof – wipe away accidents in seconds!


With design options to suit a variety of interior spaces, our low maintenance padded mats are a fantastic option for hard floor surfaces and offer a great alternative to having woven rugs or ugly and impractical foam tiles, especially in living spaces where there’s generally higher foot or paw traffic. Wipe away any grime and dirt, not to mention the wine spillages!

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