Rugs vs Floor Mats

It's time to rethink the rug.

Have you ever stopped to think about how impractical woven floor rugs are in the modern day home… when was the last time you even washed yours?!

Owning a rug is commonplace whether it’s your grand inherited oriental passed down by your grandmother or the welcome mat outside your front door. On a daily basis we trample dirt from the outside on it and it collects dust over the years and becomes an heirloom of household memories.

While that deep red stain on the corner of your rug might send you on a trip of nostalgia, remembering tipsy laughter with loved ones infused by the spilling of wine – we should still consider what else lurks therein.

There are actually a number of health risks associated with dirty rugs. Rugs are generally infested with small particles of dust, hair, dead skin and other kinds of dirt. They can even have mites if you’re a pet owner or mould, if the rug is continuously exposed to damp conditions.

Depending on your sensitivity, these particles become irritants and your body tries its best to expel them. Symptoms generally associated with allergies; a runny nose swollen or itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing could be a sign that your rug is contaminated with micro particles.


Rugs are not exactly the cleanest or safest places for young children to play on or for a Baby to have some tummy time.

The most common issues and frustrations with woven floor rugs:

They're so difficult to clean.

Removing stains

Pet Hair



The larger the rug, the larger the problem. Hoovering them resembles more of a wrestling match and while hanging them over a washing line or wall and giving them a good beating can be a good stress reliever, it’s hardly convenient or an efficient method of cleaning.

Curling Edges

Aged Looks

Trip Hazard

One Side Design

We saw a need…we realised how impractical and dated woven rugs were in the modern day home and we wanted to find an alternative…one that didn’t compromise on looks and style but which also offered the ‘convenience factor’ with features designed to complement the lives we now live; whether you’re single and like to mingle, a home Yoga/Pilates/Well Being enthusiast or whether you’re grandparents or expecting parents.

The Founders

Mataplay are proud to introduce innovative and revolutionary products where maintaining cleanliness is no longer an impossible task, curling edges are a thing of the past AND where 2 sides provide 2 designs completely independent of each other!

Mataplay offers you foam mats that can be used on any floor surface, anywhere in your home; kitchens, playrooms, gyms, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

We have designs that are aesthetically pleasing and on trend…even interior designers around the UK have started using the mats in their homes!

What’s not to love?