Have you ever stopped to think about how impractical woven rugs are in our modern day homes…
When was the last time you even washed yours?

Owning a rug is commonplace….most of us own at least one and on a daily basis we trample dirt from the outside on it and it collects dust over the years. While that deep red wine stain on the corner of your rug might send you on a trip of nostalgia - we should still consider what else lurks within it.

Rugs are generally infested with small particles of dust, hair, dead skin and other kinds of dirt…a breathing ground for dust mites, can be even worse if you’re a pet owner!

Not exactly the nicest or safest place for a young child to play on or for a Baby to spend some tummy time!

Here at Mataplay, we saw a need…we realised how impractical and dated woven rugs were in the modern day home and we wanted to find an alternative solution…one that didn’t compromise on looks and style but that also offered the ‘convenience factor’ with features designed to complement the lives we now live; whether you’re single and like to mingle, a home Yoga or Pilates enthusiast or whether you’re expecting parents or even grandparents.

First; we wanted to address the issues that rug owners face… 

  • They’re so difficult to clean! Trying to remove stains or pet hair can be arduous and time consuming….and it seemed like the larger the rug the larger the problem…
  • hoovering them resembles more of a wrestling match and beating them with a stick is hardly convenient or an efficient method of cleaning.
  • The corners can curl up over time and can become a trip hazard and an eye sore…
  • On hard floor surfaces they can slide around under foot…
  • AND they only offer one design concept!

Second; we wanted to address the dilemmas parents of young children face…

The fact is if you’re a parent and you have hard floor surfaces in your home then you require a safer and softer foundation for your infants, toddlers and young children to play on. At the same time, any floor covering needs to be practical.

Having to continuously fold & unfold, assemble & dismantle a child’s play mat to put it away is definitely NOT a practical solution.
Let’s face it, who wants a giant, multi-coloured foam jigsaw as a permanent fixture on their living room floor?!

We reviewed so many different types of baby floor mats but found the majority failed to meet the needs of parents, many even failed to meet the basic principles behind child safety.

Our designs have been developed to meet the needs of both Parent and Child, without compromising on safety, which is why they have frequently appeared at the top of professional ‘mother & baby’ reviews globally. 

We achieve this by focusing on key features and benefits, ensuring each mat we supply…

  • can be used on any floor surface, anywhere in your home; kitchens, playrooms, gyms, living rooms, bedrooms….ANYWHERE.
  • Uses materials that comply with the latest regulations, ensuring the mats are certified Baby Safe and Non-toxic. In fact we challenge you to find mats that are more certified!
  • Each mat has at least one side that provides a design to compliment your home interior and (at closer inspection) can even give the perception of a cross stitch fabric, meaning it can stay on the floor without it looking out of place. The other side provides a design that focuses on your child, promoting sensory development, interactive play and/or early learning. Simply flip it over. It’s a win win!
  • Both sides are robust enough to withstand every day life in a family home, yet retain the core feature of providing an ultra-cushioned, comfortable surface almost ½ an inch thick!
  • Designed to not slide about on the floor and with mat edges that don’t curl over time.
  • Because of their size (over 2m x 1.4m) and due to their individual weight (almost 9kilos), gravity ensures they remain flat and fixed to the floor surface yet still provides the simplicity and convenient option for it to be rolled up and stored if preferred.
  • Both sides of the mat are Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic and Waterproof – wipe away any accidents that you or your children make in seconds!

We hope the benefits and advantages of ownership are clear for all traditional rug and playmat owners to see. With design options to suit a variety of interior spaces, these low maintenance padded mats are a fantastic option for hard floor surfaces and offer a great alternative to having woven rugs, especially in living spaces where there’s generally higher foot and/or paw traffic.

Remember…. Simply wipe away any grime and dirt, not to mention the wine spillages!

What’s not to love?!