Features and Benefits

Practicality meets functionality.

Not just for kids

One side just for you

When the interior design pattern is showing, it looks like a normal area rug from a distance. Even designed to look like a cross-stich fabric.

No need to fold/unfold, assemble/dismantle or to hide it away.

Great for home Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts.

Completely waterproof so no more red wine stains to worry about.


Early learning & Interactive play

One side just for them

One side designed to focus solely on your child’s development.

Whether it’s Animals, Alphabets, Numbers or Play Tracks, each child design has been textured specifically to promote sensory development


Anti-bacterial & Hypoallergenic

Convenience with peace of mind

An antibacterial surface that’s designed to repel/resist the initial attachment of bacteria while having little likelihood of causing an allergic response.

You don’t get that with woven rugs!


Totally Waterproof

Stains....What stains?!

Simply use a wet sponge, baby wipe or similar to wipe away any accidents in seconds.

Low maintenance.

Easy to clean and keep clean.


Certified Non-Toxic & Baby Safe

Tested safe for children of all ages

Multiple test reports from ‘SGS’ - the worlds leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company…recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

Tested safe for children aged 0 Months - 7+ Years


No More Curling Edges

Say goodbye to trip hazards

Once flattened it will remain flattened, no curling over time, this is primarily down to it’s weight – almost 9 kilos – ensuring it doesn’t slide around on a hard surface. This is a big point of difference when compared with other much lighter playmats. The edges are tapered like a normal rug, rather than just a squared edge.


Totally Robust

Ultra-Cushioned design

Both sides are robust enough to withstand everyday life in a family home, yet retain the core feature of providing an ultra-cushioned, comfortable surface almost ½ an inch thick.