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Name: Rosa
Age: 38
Status: Married
Children: 1 Boy (2yrs Old)
Home: Detached property
Flooring: Hard Wood
Lifestyle: Busy, active house, home care and part time nursery!


A few years ago I took some time out from my career to focus on my life outside of the office. I had been married for a couple of years and we just relocated home after a number of years working abroad. We bought a new house that hadn’t been touched in 30 years and needed a huge amount of work. I spent much of my time researching interiors and trawling through building merchants and showrooms trying to ensure that the renovation turned our house into our dream home. Two weeks before we moved back in, I found out I was pregnant.

When my son was sitting it was clear that we needed something on our hardwood floors to protect him when he toppled. All I seemed to find was the brightly coloured foam mats and after all the care and attention that had gone into our home I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. At the time, I was struggling with the transition from being independent career woman to mummy and mummy only, as silly as it sounds there was some symbolism in finding something that provided the safety for my son and enabled me to keep my lounge stylish and adult looking when all the toys were put away at the end of the day.

I could only find one option on the internet which I ordered - it was not cheap. We kept it in our lounge for 12 months but the colour changed, it was mainly white and ended up looking yellow, like someone was chain smoking around it all the time (they weren’t). I had to get rid of it and so the search was on for a new one. Then I found the Baby Care playmat – well Hallelujah! It’s non toxic, and the quality and weight of the mat is far superior. My son and I spend hours playing on the mat now that he is 2. We are both comfortable and warmer. Now that he’s a continual snack machine it’s been easy to clean and keep looking brand new. The design is beautiful and makes me happy when I walk into the lounge. Everyone that comes into my house asks about it, even those people without children!! Love, love, love this and still have my lounge for us adults with a glass of wine (and a few toys) at the end of the day.


Name: Tom
Age: 27
Status: Separated
Children: 1 Boy (9 mths Old)
Home: Rented Apartment
Flooring: Laminate
Lifestyle: Shared custody and working full time.


I was 25 when we had my Son, Charlie. My girlfriend and I were surprised to find out she was pregnant but we soon got excited at the prospect of creating and nurturing a new life together. Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out with Charlie’s mum but we are working hard to try and do our best for him by co-parenting.

Charlie stays with me one weeknight and one weekend night every week. Because my time is so limited with him at the moment, I always want to ensure that I am making the most of every minute that we have together. This means that we play all the time.

My flat doesn’t have lots of space so our main living area is the lounge - we play and eat in there. My mum bought this mat for my lounge as a kind of house warming gift, I never even knew this type of thing existed but it’s been a real life saver. Now that Charlie is walking its not just a crash pad but also the area where we play the most. The surface is flat and is warmer than the wooden floor, the fact it’s so easy to keep clean is a bonus.

On the night’s I don’t have Charlie, I flip the mat over to the green side and it matches my lounge for when my friends come over. It's the perfect addition to my home set up.


Name: Kirsty
Age: 31
Status: It's complicated
Children: 1 Girl (3 mths Old)
Home: Living with parents
Flooring: Laminate
Lifestyle: Shared custody with daughter, working part time.


I’ve wanted a family my whole life. As a little girl I used to be the one with the tea towel on her head imagining my dream wedding and then tending to the dollies and making sure that they were being looked after.

Although I haven’t had the wedding I had always imagined, I have been absolutely blessed with my beautiful daughter. The unconditional love is overwhelming and for the first time I understand what true love is.

Although she sees her father fairly regularly I am the main caregiver for her. We live with my parents in their house and have our own small kitchenette, lounge and bedroom.Although we have carpet in our lounge it's a bit shabby, I wanted to have something that gave her a little more cushioning but was also easy to clean up any messes. So far, we’ve been using the mat for tummy time. At times, I’m struggling to be able to get everything done, so to have a safe place I can leave her whilst I run to chuck on the washing machine or make a cup of tea has been such a relief.

Whilst she takes her naps I use the mat to do a little yoga in front of the TV and so it’s a double win for us!

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