Care Instructions

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Being able to easily maintain your mat’s cleanliness is advantageous when compared to woven rugs and other floor mats. Easy maintenance remains high up on the list of requirements for most parents / home owners. If you maintain your mat correctly and follow our simple guidelines, there’s no reason why these mats won’t look the same after a decade of use. The special foam cushioning of each mat is super soft and absorbent and over the course of several months of testing, families found the mats to be durable and not prone to any colour fading or scuffing.

Box Opening

Upon receipt of your mat

Please take extra care not to damage the mat when unboxing using a sharp instrument.

Your mat will arrive boxed and rolled up like a normal area rug and will need to be laid out to flatten. It will have a slight curl to it which is normal. As it has a memory foam component it’s purely remembering how it was packaged to get to you.

Simply roll it the other way and leave it laid out on the floor overnight or for several hours to get the corners to uncurl and completely flatten - just let gravity do its job, just like with any new area rug.

Once flattened it will remain flat, no curling over time, this is primarily down to it’s weight – almost 9 kilos – this is a big point of difference when compared with other much lighter playmats.


Don’t worry

Just give it some time

There may be some minor creasing from the rolling after unpacking, however with the elastic characteristics of the mat these will vanish once the mat has been flattened out for sufficient time.

Though it is rare, you may notice a slight odour when the product is opened for the first time. This is normal and has been tested to be safe. It is a result of the mat being packaged and is not from the mat material itself. We suggest wiping the surface with a damp cloth. The odour should become unnoticeable within a couple of days.

The softness of the mat will vary depending on the temperature of its environment. The warmer the environment the softer the play mat will tend to be. They're also safe to use with underfloor heating.



First use and spot cleaning

Simply wipe with a soft cleaning cloth or sponge and luke-warm soapy water. Use a towel to dry the area of the mat you have cleaned.

For hard to remove stains we suggest mixing lemon juice and baking soda to create a white paste, work into the stain with a soft bristle brush and remove with luke-warm water, repeat if necessary.

Please avoid hard bristle brushes and chemical cleaners as the use of these may damage the mat and also leave a toxic residue that may be unsafe for your little one if digested or may irritate their skin.


Please Avoid…

Treat your mat with care

Remove stilettos and shoes with defined heels when using your mat. Avoid sharp, rough, and hot materials from coming in contact as they can cause damage.

We do not recommend using steam machines or hard bristle rotating-head vacuums (if vacuuming ensure you select the appropriate setting for flat surfaces NOT for carpet).

Avoid leaving heavy furniture on the mat for long periods of time. When a small area on the mat is depressed with very heavy object for too long, the mat may be damaged and not return to its original state.


Fur babies?

Dogs and cats love our mats

Our customers often share stories about how their pets love to sleep and curl up on their soft surfaces. However, it's worth noting that the surface of the mat may be peeled off when scratched intensively and will not hold up as a dog chew!

Please use your best judgement.



Important to not forget

The mat is like memory foam. It’s normal for the surface of the mat to show temporary dents when it has absorbed pressure on small areas for a long time. The surface will recover itself in minutes to hours depending on how hard and how long the area was depressed.

The mat should not be left outside and the product Warranty does not cover this therefore the mat should not be used for any other purpose than as a family indoor floor mat.

Always ensure infants are not left alone and are supervised whilst using this product.


If you have any questions about our play mats, please visit our FAQ page or alternatively, please contact support to assist with your query.