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Champion the best baby mats in the UK.

Are you a social marketing influencer? Join our team, promote our brand and start earning today.

Truth is, in today’s world, we all have the potential to to be influencers. At Mataplay we are proud to stand by the quality of our products and we really believe that they fill a gap in the market. We just need help getting the word out so people around the UK know they exist.

If you have young children or perhaps you’re an expecting parent, we can’t recommend our products enough, especially if you have hard floors in your home. We encourage you to try a product yourself, we guarantee the quality which won’t leave you feeling disappointed. They are brilliant for content creators, their on trend colours and designs, their ultra-padding (1/2 inch thick) and the fact they’re all waterproof make them great for Yoga/Pilates enthusiasts and creators of wellbeing content.

But the real attraction is for parents and being able to capture content of your little ones using the mat is priceless, whether it’s tummy time, their first steps or them making a mess!

Unfortunately, we can’t give free products to everyone however, if you’re an experienced content creator and have a great following (+25k) then we would love to hear from you. Please complete our contact form here or email and a member of our marketing team will be in contact to discuss the potential of being an official Mataplay Influencer.

Whether you’re an experienced influencer, a household name, a micro-influencer, a vlogger, blogger or perhaps you’re just starting out, anyone can advertise Mataplay mats and by doing so, you can earn commission for every sale that you generate, with absolutely no cap whatsoever.

If you’re interested in signing up to our Affiliate Programme, please complete the Mataplay Affiliate Online Application. This will provide you with access to our administration area. Once we receive your application a member of our team will review it and authorise your request to join. You will receive notification once this has been done.


Here's what you receive!

Minimum 10% commission on all sales made (Ex Vat).

Every influencer approved will receive money off their first purchase.

Exclusive access to special offers and seasonal giveaways.

Access to performance monitoring via your own secure login.

A 30-day cookie for longer sales tracking.

Access to banners and other media assets.

Dedicated Affiliate Team.

Getting started

Once you've applied for the program and received an approval email, please log in to the Mataplay Affiliate Members Area and navigate to the "Marketing Tools" area.

There you may browse through the different text and banner links available and click each banner and/or link that you want to display.

When you add that banner or link on your website or social post, it will be tagged with your unique affiliate ID.

That's all there is to it!

Please reach out to our support team if you have any specific questions.