Is 2021 the year that colours come back home?

Is 2021 the year that colours come back home?

Interior design trends are always in and out of fashion.  The last few years have seen a major focus on greys within our homes and although designers claim this colour will stay at the peak of popularity for a long time, 2021 is proving that you can add visual interest in your home by adding a pop of colour.

Now that the world has changed and we are spending more and more time in our homes, it is important to make sure that we are in spaces that promote a positive mindset and colour can help! Surrounding yourself with colour can boost your mood and mindset.  There is a whole area of psychology and symbolism built around colour, of course, it’s too broad for us to cover here but it is interesting to understand the different subconscious impacts that choosing colour can have.  For example, blue often symbolises serenity, stability and inspiration whereas research suggests that warmer tones of red, pink and yellow are associated with optimism and positivity.

Although there are these proven connections to colour and the subconscious, the most important thing to ensure when choosing colour for your home is that you like it!

Going bold with a bright or different colour can be a little daunting so the option to accessorise your home with items that provide these colour flashes can ease you into the changes and make you feel more confident about letting go of the neutrals.  Items such as lamps, cushions, rugs are an easy way to add some colour without taking the plunge of a whole new wall colour for example!

With our Boho range, we have gone bold with our colours for 2021 to ensure that we are offering our customers the opportunity to choose a colour that they love with a modern design that will compliment their home and of course keep their children safe.

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